The Impression of Attending 4M Forum - Jakarta

I was that lucky person to have joined the 4M - CFI Forum in Jakarta.

Some times around a month ago, after several times reading this tweet from IFI – Indonesia, I  then submitted my name to join this forum in Journalism and Social Media  with the topic of 'INFORMING ON THE WEB'

I heard nothing after my submission till around 10 days ago I received an email from Pierre Laburthe sending the logistics information.
I was surprised – feeling unsure , i then emailed the Indonesian representative from AJI (Aliansi Jurnalis Indonesia) asking for confirmation.
When that day finally came on 23 September (the Forum was on 23 – 24 September) in Atmajaya University – Jakarta. It was my first time entering this university. I had to ask here and there for the venue which is located in the 1st floor between those class rooms.
It was my first time attending this kind of International Forum. I had no idea how it was going to be. Anyhow, the greeting was excellent from the students of the university who were hired for the event.
There are several rooms, i reckoned 4, used for this event. The venue was propely arranged. Air conditioner was just okay. A bit of disappointment with the WiFi connection though specially where internet connection was needed for those speakers presenting their information.
Pierre Laburthe – the project manager who was the MC (Master of Ceremony) for this event is such a fun person. He kept apologizing for several inconveniences that occurred unexpectedly.
The forum started at 9.30 am and finished around 6 pm with several coffee breaks and lunch time. There were lots of topics covered where in some points, I was confused which one to join. Yes, sometimes there were 2 different topics discussed in different rooms at the same time. If only i can copy myself into two, :)
The language used in the forum is English where translating device was also available. Overall, the speakers and participants were friendly and fun. I have never thought someone like Maria Ressa , a former CNN journalist – can be such a friendly person who would welcome anyone talking to her.  I could just say, this is a forum with that personal touch where everyone felt welcome and not a single thing that can make someone feel insecure. Each questions and presentations have their own values for others attending the forum.
Lots of information was received plus some updates. The presentation of Benoit Thieulin in new media  where He suggests , when it came to punishment to some rude users are just by pushing a single button by others and he/she would be punished of not being able using his/her account  for quite some time is such a great idea despite by going to the court with the hassle that might come.
The statistics methods presented in the forum are another sophisticated things. Somehow, certain things are beyond my imagination.  How Rappler (Philippine) is using certain methods to analyze those tweet-active persons and some are then recruited to be part of their team.
There were too many topics that if I share here can be long enough to beat the information in the website itself,:))
This forum was the first one conducted in Southeast Asia and Jakarta is chosen. Well, i guess everyone knows how Indonesia has become the capital of social media beating other countries in the region. As an Indonesian, it is not that something I am proud of, it is about time for us to move forward not only as the users but be the producers.  *fingers crossed*
Overall, i can give this forum 9 out of 10. Yes.. I am more than pleased to join other forum from CFI with other topics within my interests. 

If only this forum was advertised properly , I believe more would attend it. Some people had asked me why I could join this event. So, it was a pleasure to be the participants and I can say how lucky I am.
Last but not least, I would like to thank anyone who put their best efforts in this event. See you all some other time,:)
More about what 4M is , please read here.  
Tweets from this event can be searched using #4M2014
Next event will be conducted this upcoming October in Beirut - Lebanon.
Pierre Laburthe - The Project Manager

The opening 

My name tag, yaay

The fun of #groufie - courtesy of @blontankpoer


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